The Lab 12 Mint (Slim White Dry) - Review. 22 November 2019.

This is a rather interesting release. This release seems like its designed to replace two products. First, it is replacing The Lab 12 (Strong) Mint, because it shares the name and flavor. But also The Lab 22 Mint, which Swedish Match quietly discontinued.  The Lab 22 contained xylitol as a sweetener, and so does this one. This follows the tradition of Swedish Match discontinuing products and replacing them with white dry versions, as they replaced G3 Slim White with G3 Slim White Dry.  When it comes to the flavor description for this one it says, "Light tobacco character with a clear element of peppermint, and a touch of vanilla."  Each can weighs 16.6g and has 24 portions for 0.69g portions.  The nicotine content is 11.5mg/g (1.15%), or 7.94mg/portion.  So though it is called a strong, it's technically a regular.  That flavor profile actually sounds more like Lab 22 than Lab 12.

When you open the can, the aroma is a present, fresh, gently sweet smell of peppermint. The portions are slim, and comfortable in the lip. They are the white dry type, but the portion material isn’t too dry, nor is it irritating to the gum. Also, since it’s a mint, you’ll experience a nice cooling presence when you put one under the lip! The taste is a smoother peppermint than I’m used to. It is present, but it’s not too sharp, it’s actually rather gentle in nature. There’s a light sweetness to it, and very faint hints of vanilla. The vanilla taste is extremely mild, and barely noticeable. The nicotine level feels to be about regular strength, and the flavor lasts 1-1.5 hours, thanks to the white dry format!

If you were a fan of Lab 12, this one doesn't seem to have the same flavor.  It seems more like the Lab 22, but in a slim white dry format, with the Lab 12 name.  It's a pretty tasty snus, I just wish there was more vanilla in the flavor.

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