Surge Global (Accessory Can) - Review. 2 October 2019.

Today we're going to be talking about a new product from Surge Global - their new snus accessory cans! Since I started reviewing snus in 2009, the Icetool accessory can has had a dominance of the accessory can market. In 2018, the DUS can launched with a cheaper price tag, and as a competitor to the Icetool brand. Now, Surge Global, a UK based company, is looking to get in on the action and has begun making these aluminum snus accessory cans!  Icetool is priced around $35.23 USD per can, DUS is priced around $26.64 USD per can, and the Surge Global can is priced around $31.98 per can, or $47.35 for the can and the divider, which we'll get to shortly!

The Vesuvius Can

The Vesuvius can is named after Mount Vesuvius, the mountain that destroyed Pompee.  The Surge folks are pretty into volcanoes.  When you order a can from Surge, it comes in this sleek black box.  Each can comes with two lids, so you can interchange them depending on what you're feeling that day.  It's an aluminum can, and is water resistant (they don't suggest submerging them, however).  The catch lid is bigger than you usually get with an Icetool can, and the can itself is thicker.

Here you'll see an Icetool lid can (left) and a Surge can (right).  You can see the surge can is obviously thicker.  They're about the same size in diameter, however.

This is the can open, and full!  I can fit about 24 portions in a can, but I imagine since its thicker you could probably fit more by stacking them on top.  The can has a good amount of room for the portions, and when you close it it closes easily without the lid popping up or coming off due to a lot of snus in the can.

The Svalla Can

This one isn't released yet, but is coming soon!  The design on this one is one they did for me, so a special thanks to Surge for doing that!  The Snubie lid, unfortunately, is not for sale.  Svalla, in English, means "to flow" (like a lava flow perhaps) or "to surge" (like their name maybe).  The Svalla can curves slightly in towards the center around the side, making it easier to grip with your hand.  But the size is basically the same as the Vesuvius.

Back in 2017, I talked about making a divided snus can. Now, in 2019, Surge has made that a reality!  They have an optional divider insert which you can place in your can.  Why is this so awesome, you may be asking?  Because, if you're like me and enjoy variety, you can carry three types of snus with you in only one can!  This is great for concerts, movies, meetings, and things of that nature.  You can enjoy variety, but you don't have to carry a ton of cans in your pocket!

Here you can see a full Svalla can.  Even with the divider, I was able to fit 24 portions in there.  14 all white, 7 original, and 7 white, though you can mix it up however you want.  It is a great way to enjoy variety when you're on the go with limited pocket space!

In addition to the Svalla, they also plan to launch the Vulcan Can soon, which you can see on their Instagram, here.  All the pieces are interchangeable, so you can mix and match and be as creative as you want!  If you're interested in buying one, you can on their website, and it also looks like has them in stock.  It's a great can, and I've been carrying it with me daily.  I highly suggest getting a divider if you like variety!

If you want to see a more hands on review, check out our video: