14 March 2018

DUS Aluminum Slim Can - Review. 14 March 2018

Today we're going to be talking about the new DUS Aluminum Slim Can. I recently got this in my order from SnusCENTRAL.com because I saw it was cheaper than a regular Icetool Slim Can, and I wanted to see how it compared. It's interesting to note that the DUS Can is $24.89 USD, and the Icetool Slim Can is $33.64 USD.  That's a difference of $8.75 in price!  I've been saying for years that I'm surprised more companies aren't competing with Icetool, but it seems like DUS is doing just that with this new product.  When you get the can, it comes in this nice black box.

Comparing it to the Icetool Slim Can box you'll notice that the DUS box is much thicker than the Icetool Slim Can box.
Also, inside the little sleeve is a box that the DUS can comes in, and it is wrapped up and protected quite nicely.  The Icetool Slim Can comes inside the box but without all the extra padding.

And here it is - the DUS Aluminum Slim Can!  It's a really nice, clean looking snus accessory can.

Looking at a side by side with the Icetool Slim Can, they look virtually identical.  I notice on SnusCENTRAL they have the DUS can listed as weighing 40 grams and the Icetool can as weighing 50 grams.  They really don't feel that much different in weight when you hold them, however.

Opening the DUS can, it looks virtually identical to the Icetool can; I really don't notice that much of a difference, honestly

Also, it holds a full can of snus!  I put in 24 portions of Grov White Portion and it fit the same as it would in the Icetool Slim Can!

So, if you're looking for a slim snus accessory can and want to save a few bucks, the DUS can is definitely worth considering!  Honestly, I don't notice a difference between this one and the Icetool Slim Can.

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