19 November 2018

Small Batch #7 Preview & SB4 Back In Stock! 19 November 2018.

Meet Small Batch #7!

Swedish Match is back at it again with a new release in the Small Batch series! Small Batch 1, released in January 2018, had a taste of champagne.  Small Batch 2, released in February 2018, had a taste of blood orange.  Small Batch 3, released in May 2018, had a taste of apple and mint.  Small Batch 4, released in July 2018, had a taste of raspberry and licorice.  Small Batch 5, released in September 2018, had a taste of coffee.  Small Batch 6, released in October 2018, had an odd taste of mushroom.  Now, Small Batch 7 (Apelsin and Choklad) is here! This is how Swedish Match describes it: "It has been almost a year since the Small Batch was launched where new and special flavors are released every two months in small edition. Now it's time for the last product for 2018. Small Batch No 7 has a fruity taste of orange in combination with dark chocolate and a little sea salt. Together, it gives a dark tobacco character with both sweetness, freshness and saltiness. The Small Batch series is manufactured as the name suggests in small edition and is sold exclusively here and in Swedish Match Stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Strömstad and Åre."

Small Batch #4 is back!

Not only that, but apparently Small Batch #4 is back. Small Batch #4 was one of my favorites, with a unique taste of raspberry and licorice. This is what Swedish Match had to say about it: "We have launched several different and special flavors within the Small Batch during the past year. A taste that was especially sought after is Small Batch No 4 with taste of Hallon and Lakrits. We have taken care of all of you who contacted us and wished it back. The design on the dosage has changed compared to what it previously looked like. In order to distinguish Hallon Lakrits from the other Small Batch flavors launched every two months, we have chosen to change the place on the previous black background and the colored ring on the lid. Now the background is tinted from purple to red, which signals the taste character and the ring is black. Small Batch Hallon Lakrits is developed by our experienced product developer Mattias Schyberg and Lars Jonsson in Gothenburg. Mattias and Lars describe that the flavoring has a combination of raspberries and salads, anise and licorice to take the Swedish salty liquor flavor into the snus field. The tobacco character is light and rounded off by the balanced sweetman from the liquorice."

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