16 October 2018

Lyft - Nicotine Pouches From Epok! 16 October 2018.

It looks like BAT/Winnington is looking to get into the nicotine pouches category. Via Snusbolaget, today I discovered the new Lyft line (not to be confused with Lyft, the ride-sharing service).  This is a new product line that is catching on to the growing nicotine pouch category.  This category contains products which are free from tobacco, but contain nicotine.  Usually, they are made of some form of plant fiber and contain tobacco-derived nicotine.

The product line looks to have all the familiar tastes from the Epok line:  Blueberry, Licorice Strong, Melon, Ice Cool Mint, Mint, Lime Strong, and Lime.  I imagine the flavors will be similar.  The nicotine contents and can weights also look to be the same.  Regular Strength products are 16.8 gram cans with 24 portions for 0.7 gram portions and nicotine strength of 8mg/g (0.8%) and 5.6mg/portion.  Strong products look to be 16.8 gram cans with 24 portions for 0.7 gram portions, and nicotine strength of 14mg/g (1.4%) or 9.8mg/portion.

I imagine these products should be for sale soon in other stores.  These products do not contain tobacco, so I imagine they'll be able to be purchased in the EU, as well.

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  1. did the just drop the epok freeze?
    - i need to know if the freeze version gonna countinue as LYFT freeze x strong