16 June 2018

R42 (Super Strong) White - Review. 16 June 2018,.

The R42 line is a new line of "super strong" products from Swedish Match.  I originally only heard about these products being available at the border stores, but now it appears as though they're available on Swedish Match's e-store, as well!  I first reviewed R42 Peppermint (Xtra Strong) and R42 Green Mint (Xtra Strong) in April of last year, but it appears as though these products have been discontinued and new super strong versions of these products have been launched.  In May of last year I reviewed R42 (Cool Mint) Super Strong, which had a taste of peppermint.  It looks as though the R42 line is focusing on the "super strong" level of products at the 26mg/g (2.6%) nicotine level.

This product is interesting because it's an R42 product that looks like the R42 Cool Mint product, but doesn't have a flavor listed on the can like R42 Cool Mint does.  As of the date of this review, this one isn't available on the Swedish Match e-store, either.  Also, R42 Cool Mint was an 11.2 gram can with 16 portions for 0.7 gram portions.  This new R42 is a 10 gram can with 13 portions, for 0.77 gram portions.  I'm not sure why the change occurred.  The nicotine strength is 26mg/g (2.6%), and with 0.77 gram portions that's 20.02mg/portion.  This stuff packs quite a kick!

Whereas R42 Cool Mint seemed to be a peppermint focused product, this one appears to be a spearmint focused product. When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a sharp, biting smell of spearmint. The portions are white, soft, and though they are lighter in weight they still feel plump, which is interesting. When you put a portion in the lip there's a mild burn, which fades and gives way to a nice cooling presence.  The flavor is a present taste of spearmint, which has a very mild sweetness to it.  I notice it to not be as sweet as other spearmint products I've had before, which is nice!  The nicotine kick is immediate, and it is strong!  This definitely packs a punch.  The flavor lasts quite a while; I've found with these I've been able to push them past the hour mark.  Generally I can't keep them in too long because my head starts spinning, but I've been able to keep a few in for a while after a meal.

If you like the spearmint flavor and want something really strong, this is definitely worth a try.  It's much too strong for me personally, but the nicotine extremists of the world will probably enjoy this product!

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  1. Hello! This product is sold in Snusgrossen in Haparanda Sweden near finnish border. One stock (10 cans) cost about 12€. Finnish snusers can buy 10 stocks legally because we have law that allows only 1kg snus per day when we travel bethween sweden - finland. So I think Swedish Match has designed this version for finnish customers as an option for Odens CWD. It's cheap and strong - so it's good!