16 May 2018

Göteborg's Rapé (Limited Edition 2018) - Preview. 16 May 2018.

Swedish Match has announced a new limited edition GR product, this one with the flavor of blueberry! I'm excited to see the blueberry flavor finally catching on. Epok makes one, and so does the WOW! brand.  Now, Swedish Match looks to be trying out this flavor profile.      

The product description says, "Göteborgs Rapé Limited Edition 2018 has its foundation in Rapé's classical character, but with a touch of Swedish berries and with a higher nicotine strength. Only sold in limited edition during the summer of 2018. The snus has a light and spicy tobacco character with elements of blueberry and lavender, as well as some vanilla and citrus." This product comes in a 21.6 gram can with 24 portions for 0.9 grams each. The nicotine content is 12mg/g (1.2%) or 10.8mg/portion.

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