25 May 2018

General Gastronomy 2018 (Original Portion) - Preview. 25 May 2018.

If you recall, last year Swedish Match released General Kardus 2017: Hernö Gin in May 2017, a limited edition release. Shortly thereafter, they released General (Blended by Hernö Gin) in November 2017. I was told this was the "leftovers" of General Kardus 2017, but I don't have confirmation of that. This year, in March of 2018, Swedish Match released General Kardus 2018 (Gastronomy Series). It looks like they are following the pattern established last year and releasing a canned/portion version of the General Kardus 2018 released last month. The flavor is described basically the same was as General Kardus 2018: "dark and spicy. The herbal compliments are clear; rosemary and thyme are noticed, together with citrus, dark berries, and a hint of spruce." It comes in a 20 gram can with 20 portions for 1 gram portions. The nicotine content is 16mg/g (1.6%), which breaks down to 16mg/portion! The old los version had a nicotine content of 14mg/g, so this is a bit stronger.

The flavor profile of this snus was created in collaboration with Karl Ljung. This is what Swedish Match had to say about this snus: "Karl Ljung is a passionate barkeeper and snuser. We at Swedish Match have together with him developed a snus line called the General Gastronomy Series, inspired by the gastronomic world. This is the first release of the series. "We worked hard to make it as close as possible to a sneak peek experience"says Karl Ljung. General Gastronomy Series Summer 2018 has been developed in collaboration between Karl Ljung and Swedish Match master blender Lars Öberg and has a clear taste direction. "The taste of the snus is inspired by Swedish herbs, which raise the dark tobacco character," says Karl Ljung.

This snus is currently available at the Swedish Match webstore.  As usual, I doubt this will be available to us in the US.  It seems more and more than special releases are being kept from us in the US, which is very unfortunate.  Hopefully someday this changes, because there have been a lot of great releases lately I wish US snusers could try!

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