16 April 2018

Small Batch #3 - Preview. 16 April 2018.

Swedish Match has been releasing several products this year under their new "Small Batch" label. Small Batch #1 had a taste of champagne. Small Batch #2, my favorite of the series so far, had a taste of blood orange. And now, Small Batch #3 is released, with a taste of apple and spearmint! Swedish Match says, "In this snus we have experimented with several mints to get a rounded character and then add fruity elements of green apple. The green elements of the mint act as an aroma and tasteful brew to the apple character, which in turn contributes to a sour and fruity tone. The mint also gives a cool sensation in the mouth.  Small Batch # 3 is developed by our experienced product developer in Gothenburg."  As I noted when I reviewed the last two, they're 24 gram cans with 24 portions for full 1 gram portions.  The nicotine content hasn't been listed, but it has felt to be at the regular strength level. I'm excited to try this one! Some of you may remember I recently reviewed G4 Apple Mint, another Swedish Match product, and I really enjoyed it. I'm imagining this one will have a similar taste.

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