05 April 2018

Åreprillan (Granskott & Björksav) Original - Review. 5 April 2018

Today we are talking about Åreprillan - a new release from Gotlandssnus. I've been told that is exclusive to SnusBolaget.se, but hopefully that will change in the future - you never know. This is a release inspired by the Jämtland area around Åreskutan. Åreskutan is a well known mountain in Sweden and also features the largest ski resort area in Sweden. This product line was developed in collaboration between Gotlandssnus and entrepreneurs in Åre who have an interest in snus!  This product is called Åreprillan (Granskott and Björksav, and if you're an American like me you're probably asking yourself what granskott and björksav are.

Granskott means "spruce shoots", sometimes called "spruce tips". They can be used, for example, to make spruce syrup. I've never had it before, but it sounds tasty. Björksav is "birch sap". This sap from birch trees is something that can be drank, as in birch sap water, or it can be used to make birch syrup. You can also make wine, beer, mead, or vinegar with it.

This is a really unique snus. I went back through a lot of my old reviews and the closest thing I can think of that this reminds me of is the new Lundgren's Norrland.  It's a very unique flavor!

The product description for this snus says, "Åreprillan Original Portion has a classic snus flavor with notes of spruce and birch sap." This product comes in a 20 gram can with 20 portions for 1 gram portions. The nicotine content is 14mg/g (1.4%) which, with one gram portions, means 14mg/portion.

When I open the can, the aroma is a very nature-esque aroma.  It's much like walking through a forest.  There are notes of spruce, a mild sweetness, and a hint of pine.  The portions are moist, plump, and quite comfortable in the lip.  The taste is very much like the aroma, as well.  Spruce is very present in the flavor, along with a mild tobacco character, a little pine, and a light sweetness to it.  It's very tasty stuff.  The flavor lasts a good amount of time, usually about 45 minutes.  The nicotine strength feels to be right at the strong level; it has a nice extra kick, but it's not too strong.

If you're wanting a snus with a unique flavor, this is definitely one to check out!

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