23 February 2018

WOW! Summer Honey (White Dry Explosion) - Preview. 23 February 2018.

GN Tobacco is releasing a new product in the super/ultra/mega strong range: WOW! Summer Honey (White Dry Explosion). Back in 2013 I reviewed WOW! Sunny Honey and really enjoyed it. Recently, GN Tobacco bought SPT, which produces WOW!, Taboca, and Byron products. This new product is described as being a 43mg/g nicotine strength snus and having a "floral, honey taste with scents of citrus. There is an explosion in taste and nicotine and a bee biting your ass. White and Brown versions to follow."  I was wondering if GNT would be doing anything with the SPT brands, and it looks like now they're starting to branch out and utilize those SPT brands.  I'm not sure when this is releasing, but fans of super/ultra/mega strong nicotine products will undoubtedly enjoy this one, as it is really strong and not a mint product!

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