08 November 2013

WOW! Sunny Honey. Review. 8 November 2013.

WOW! Sunny Honey is the newest snus from STP in the "WOW!" line. In the past I've reviewed the others - Wintermint and Salty Stuff. In my last article, I spoke a little about what I learned speaking with SPT about the WOW! brand. "The WOW range is a "retro flavor range" which has been responding very well in sales for SPT. The pouch is known as a "unisex" 18/30 - which is the middle size between mini and full size. It was actually being considered launching WOW! in the US, but another company had locked up the brand name - so they're planning on a rebrand and launching it in the US."

The SPT website tell us about WOW! Sunny Honey, "WoW! Sunny Honey is for those who like the combination between honey, lemon and elderflower! WoW! Sunny Honey has a strong characteristic taste of Honey, lemon and elderflower where the user gets a very positive retro-experience and a feeling of coolness. Presented in the market cocky best dosa and with snuff the industry's absolute best celebration mannerisms." (sorry for the rough translation, Google isn't the best.) As far as where to get this, I know Snus24.com sells it to the US, so if you wanna try it you can grab a can there. When you open a can of Sunny Honey the smell that comes through is a lot like the smell after you cut an orange, that fresh citrus smell. It's very refreshing. The taste is very interesting, it's a little like Jakobsson's Flader, due to the eldeflower presence (if you're not familiar with eldeflower it tastes similar to a green apple), with a very fresh citrus flavor mixed in and a little sweet hint to it. It's definitely one of the most unique snuses I've ever tasted, it's very good!  If you're somewhere you can get your hands on this, check it out, it's worth a try.

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  1. As soon as I put it in, the first blast of flavor tasted a little like Sunny Delight juice. After that, upon settling... sort of like a Luden's honey cough drop. Also agree with the Jacobsson's Flader (one of my go-tos) comparison. Very flavorful, definitely not subtle. If you like citrus & fruit flavor, this is outstanding. If you're more of a subtle traditionalist (tobacco flavor, etc) this is definitely not for you.