09 February 2018

Pose Chew N' Park (Mint) - Review. 9 February 2018.

I review all kinds of products - snus, and non-snus. Though Snubie.com is a snus website, I generally try to cover smokeless tobacco alternatives that can help people quit smoking.  Today, we're talking about a product by the Art Factory in Sweden. They make Pose and Art products, and what really caught my eye about this one is that it comes in a round can. This one caught my eye because it was available in the Northerner's US warehouse. A friend of mine sent me a few cans to review so today we'll be doing something a little different from my usual snus review!

I always like to cut open new products to look at what's inside of them, especially if they aren't the usual snus products. Northerner describes these products by saying, "POSE pouches are a tobacco derived nicotine product with a chewing gum base. The nicotine in POSE is extracted from the tobacco plant. However; the product contains no tobacco plant matter (e.g., leaf, root) in any form. Therefore this product does not classify as smokeless tobacco."  So, what's inside the pouch isn't tobacco, but nicotine with a chewing gum base.

The flavor description for this product says, "POSE Mint All White 7mg delivers a refreshing flavor and nicotine in a discreet pouch. Refreshing flavor of peppermint.".  This product comes in a 7.5 gram can with 20 portions, which weigh 0.37 grams each. Northerner’s website says the nicotine content is 7mg/portion.

When I opened the can, the aroma that came through was rather faint. It’s a very light smell of mint, and it’s not too sweet. The portions are dry, and uncomfortable at first, but once they get more moist they get more comfortable. As is common of most mint products, there’s also a light cooling sensation that you’ll feel in the lip, as well. The taste is much like the aroma, very light. It’s a light taste of mint with a very mild sweetness. The nicotine strength on this feels to be comparable to regular 8mg/g Swedish Snus. The flavor lasts around the 30 to 40 minute mark, as well.

These products aren't for me.  But I realize there are people out there who want to quit smoking and give up tobacco as well, so I'm glad these products exist for people like that.  If you're wanting to continue using nicotine but quit tobacco, these are a good alternative!

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