29 January 2018

Snus Previews: G4 FU:ZN and G3 Load. 29 January 2018.

2018 is here and that means it's time for new snus products! Swedish Match is kicking off 2018 with two new products, one in their G4 All White line and another in their G3 Super Strong line. It makes sense - people are really digging the all white products, and people really dig ridiculously strong snus. I was hoping their first product of 2018 would be a new lossnus, but it doesn't seem that's the case.

G3 Load Super Strong Slim White Dry

First of all, come on Swedish Match.  I don't have the dirtiest mind, but that name is going to lead to some interesting wordplay.  I won't go there, but you can imagine where I'm going with this. The product description for G3 Load says, "G.3 LOAD contains 30% more nicotine compared to G.3 Extra Strong, which together with the Slim White Dry format - which has 20% less drip than the Slim White format G.3 - makes the product SUPER STRONG. The snus has a light and spicy tobacco character with elements of licorice and eucalyptus, as well as anise, cocoa and honey. Combined with 30% more nicotine and 20% less drip, the snus creates a long-lasting burning effect, a spicy and biting feeling under the lip." This product comes in a 16.6 gram can with 24 portions for 0.69 gram portions. The nicotine content is 26mg/g (2.6%) which breaks down to 17.98mg/portion.

G4 FU:ZN Slim All White (Apple Mint)

This is another product in the G4 All White line. I'm assuming the name FU:ZN is meant to be said "Fusion", but is spelled that way to look unique.  Or, Swedish Match doesn't like someone named ZN.
The product description for this one says, "A new white snus, which is white before, during and after use. The portions are soft in the lip and deliver a long-lasting nicotine and taste experience. Absolutely without traces of tobacco flavor. The snus has a light and spicy character with clear elements of green apple and spearmint, as well as some vanilla and coconut. The prill is slender and dry on the surface, with moist content for low purity and a lasting taste release." This one comes in a 19.2 gram can with 24 portions for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 19mg/g (1.9%) which breaks down to 15.2mg/portion.

I'll be reaching out to my friend in Sweden who usually finds this stuff for me and I look forward to reviewing it.  Honestly, both sound delicious.

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