22 October 2017

General G.4 Blizzard (All White/Extra Strong) - Review. 22 October 2017.

Back in May I reviewed G4 All White Blue Mint, and now, 5 months later, Swedish Match is back with another all white product - General G.4 Blizzard Slim All White Blue Mint Extra Strong. Yes, that has to be the longest name I've heard in a while. I'll just call it G4 Blizzard to keep things simple. As you've probably gathered, the "white snus" category has become all the rage lately. It's interesting, because when I reviewed Epok Breeze, Winnington's first white snus release, I wasn't sure if it was going to stick around. But sure enough, Winnington released more and more white products and people seemed to really dig them. Swedish Match would eventually release Zyn NT, which is a dryer product containing nicotine salts and no tobacco. Shortly after that, Swedish Match would release General Omni in 2016, which was also a dryer white product. But, unlike Zyn NT, Omni would contain a "smaller share" of tobacco. Now it appears as though Swedish Match is all in with the all white, releasing their second all white product, G4 Blizzard.

Swedish Match believes the G4 series is "Redefining White". This is what they had to say about the G4 series: "Just over 150 years ago, General came as a loose snus. In the 80's, Generals second generation, the portion. G.3 launched in 2014 was the third generation, with higher strength and portions in the slim format for lower drip and an optimized fit. Now we present G.4 - the fourth generation snus from General and the latest step we have taken in the development of the future of snus. Snusers demand all white products, but do not want to sacrifice the traditional snus experience. Thanks to new technology, G.4 has been able to produce all white portions, with the same type of texture and feel as traditional snus, but completely without tobacco flavors. We call this format for All White. Through a combination of fibers and a small amount of light tobacco, G.4 is a white snus before, during and after use. The portion has a soft fit, low drip and delivers a similar nicotine experience as traditional snus from Swedish Match."

This is a comparison between Epok Snus and General G.4. You can see the portions look very much the same, as does the tobacco inside. The Epok tobacco is a little more white, and the G4 tobacco is a little more fine.  Both feel about the same in the lip, as well.  Looking at the G4 Blizzard product, The flavor description says "G.4 Slim BLIZZARD All White Strong Portion has a mint flavor with peppermint flavors that give a cool effect." G4 contains 24 portions in a 19.2 gram can, which breaks down to 0.8 gram portions. I couldn't find a nicotine strength for this one, but it's a level 4 on their strength scale. This means the strength is anywhere between 18mg/g and 20mg/g.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a very smooth smell. It’s mostly peppermint, but it seems to have some natural mint in the background. The portions themselves are quite soft to the touch and feel great in the lip. Being a mint snus product, you’ll encounter the familiar cooling sensation in the lip which adds a nice freshness to this snus. The taste of this one reminds me a lot of the G4 Blue Mint that I reviewed back in May. It’s a very smooth taste, much like mint chewing gum. The flavor is mildly sweet, but not too overly sweet. I can pick up peppermint in the flavor profile, as well as mint, and at times I can almost notice a light hint of spearmint in the background. I’ve found the flavor of this snus lasts quite a while; I’ve been able to enjoy these portion for an hour! G4 Blizzard also packs a really solid nicotine kick as well, feeling firmly at the extra strong level.

If you're a fan of mint products, and like the "all white" snus format, this is a good one to try out.  It has a really nice taste, a great looking can, and a strong nicotine kick!

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  1. I did Try G4 Blizzard, and that one was NOT Good. It was just way to dry and the taste of mint was weak, when i put Epok Ice Blue and G4 Blizzard next to each other and compare taste i will say EPOK is the winner,Epok is moist,But not to moist.
    G4 is dry,and for me to dry.
    Taste Epok has a good and strong mint taste that is there for a long time,and the After taste is Aldo GOOD
    G4 Blizzard has a Weak mint taste and after taste is pyton.

    But This is just my meaning.