01 January 2017

Malmö Kardus (Chewing Tobacco/Kardus) - Review. 1 January 2017.

Today we are going to be talking about a single cut snus from AG Snus! First of all, a special thanks to Alex, a friend of Snubie.com, for sending us a can of this to review.  Malmö Kardus is a single cut snus produced by AG Snus.  The bottom of the can says it is made under their "Lakrisan Tobacco Company" label and distributed by Mac Baren Tobacco Company.  However, when checking out their website, this product isn't listed there, which is rather strange. I did some digging and spoke with a friend connected to AG Snus and was able to find out a little background on this one.  He told me this snus is a copy of the last los snus that was sold in Denmark before they banned snus in the country, a snus called Göteborgs Snus. The main behind it is AG Snus’s factory manager, Lars Olesen. I’m not sure what tobacco goes into this one, but I do know that it is 100% lamina and is flavored with rose oil.  The can design is very simple and says "chewing tobacco" and "kardus" on the top, which I assume helps make it legal to sell in the EU. I found it listed on DanishPipeShop.com and their description says, "32 grams of pure tobacco tasting loose rough cut chewing tobacco. This is NOT snus and has a more wide and raw cut."

Opening up the can you can see that it looks a lot like Crafted Kardus Highlands Single Cut, another product made by AG Snus.  The single cut is very well packed.  I found that I couldn't handbake it, and I'm not someone to throw in a pinch, so I relied on my Icetool to bake myself a 2-click prilla.  I was surprised to see how well it packed for a single cut/kardus type snus.  It stayed together really well in the lip, as well!

When you open the can, the aroma is a mild, gentle, earthy tobacco smell accompanied by a very light touch of sweetness.  The snus also has a nice moisture amount to it, as well.  The taste is remarkably pure and simple, which is one thing you don't see enough of in the snus world.  Much like the aroma, it is a very simple and mild tobacco taste.  I don't notice a lot of pepper to it, and the tobacco flavor doesn't come through in a very bold way.  If I had to compare it to anything I would say the depth of flavor falls somewhere between Göteborgs Prima Fint Los and Grov Los.  It's a little more rich than Prima Fint, but not as bold as Grov.  There is a light amount of salt in the background, as well.  The thing that I notice about this that is interesting to me is that the rose oil contributes a nice sweetness to it. If you've ever had Skruf Snus before, you'll notice the rose oil in the recipe. It adds a touch of sweetness to the flavor that compliments the mild tobacco character quite well!

This is a great tasting snus.  If you like tobacco centric snus and enjoy single cut, this is definitely something that I suggest trying.

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