30 November 2016

Phantom Classic Los - Review. 30 November 2016.

I originally did a review of this product back in 2011. But, since it was joined with a review for Phantom Brown, which has recently been discontinued, I'm having to split it into a new article of it's own.  The product description of Phantom Classic Loose says, "....traditional Snus aroma slightly peppery with hints of citrus and a smooth, round taste."  Phantom Snus by V2 Tobacco is a budget alternative that doesn't seem to get talked about a lot.  But, being the snus reviewer that I am, I wanted to make sure the Phantom line gets some attention!

When it comes to Phantom Classic Loose, the aroma is much like what I've had in the past with Phantom Classic White, a clean citrus aroma. The taste is a clear, clean citrus taste with a little salt balance kicking in the background and a mild sweet quality. It has the classic Swedish Snus taste in a clean, crisp package. For a value priced snus, it isn't too bad. The citrus taste is mellow, not too strong, and lasts quite some time as far as flavor goes.

As far as budget los goes, this is certainly a good option for a price conscious snuser!

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