Catch Spearmint - White Long Slim (Discontinued). Review. 4 April 2015.

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I recently did a video review of this one, and I realized that I've never done a full review of this product. I mentioned it in 2013 after the 2013 Chicago Snus Summit, but I've never written about it in detail. Which is a shame, because this is in my top 5 favorite mint snus products of all time. The product description says, "Catch Spearmint Long Slim has a mild tobacco character and a fresh spearmint flavor, with just a hint of peppermint. The long white pouches fit snugly under the lip. Catch White Spearmint - fresh feel, less run! The slim white pouches are dry on the surface, giving you a fresh and cleen feel - the moist snus inside however provides for a long lasting flavor release. "

When you open a can of Catch Spearmint White Long Slim, the first thing you notice is the star formation. Not all Swedish Match white portions come in the star formation anymore, and Catch Spearmint Long is one that has stayed in the star formation.  The aroma is a fresh aroma of spearmint.  When you put a portion in your lip, a cooling sensation comes on, and the flavor of spearmint immediately greets you.  It's a very fresh taste, and quite refreshing!  It's not overly sweet, and has a mellow taste character.  I think that's one reason that I like this product the most - that it has a great spearmint taste, but it's not too sweet, and it's not over the top and in your face.  As far as mint snus goes, this is definitely one that any mint lover must try.