25 August 2015

Siberia -80 Degrees (Extremely Strong) White Dry (Round Can) - Review. 25 August 2015.

Not too long ago I reviewed Siberia -80 Degrees (White and White Dry), which came in large square tubs containing 500 portions. By popular demand, GN Tobacco has released it in the round can format.  So, for those of you who want to try the world's strongest snus in a regular can, you now can!  The White Portion format of Siberia came in 24mg/g of nicotine, and the White Dry Portion format comes in a whopping 42mg/g of nicotine.  Needless to say, this stuff is quite strong and not for the weak of heart!  Ever since GNT burst onto the snus scene in 2011 with Oden's Extreme Portion, they have been on a mission to make stronger snus than what has been previously available. This product definitely fits the bill.

For a white dry portion, these are surprisingly soft. Most white dry portions are more on the dry side and not as comfortable until they get moist, but these are quite comfortable in the lip.  When you open the can a very sharp aroma of mint comes through.  Upon putting the portion in your lip you feel a slight cooling tingle mixed with a little burn.  There is a very sharp and biting flavor of mint with a little dark tobacco flavor in the background.  As I noted the last time I reviewed this, it's interesting to note the balance between the cooling sensation and burning sensation.  If you're a fan of strong snus, definitely give this a try, it may be right up your alley.  It has a sharp flavor, a neat balance of cooling/burning, and a very strong nicotine hit.  As I said before, it's not for the weak of heart!  I don't do a lot of strong portion snus and this one definitely makes my head spin!

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