31 January 2016

Siberia Brown (Power Portion) Original - Review. 31 January 2016.

Siberia from GN Tobacco is currently the strongest snus in the world. In the past I reviewed their Siberia White Dry (Red Can), which clocks in at 42mg/g of nicotine, and Siberia White (Blue Can) which clocks in at 24mg/g of nicotine. GN Tobacco has recently released Siberia Brown, which is an original portion version of their popular Siberia product. I've heard the nicotine content to be 24mg/g, but it's listed on their website as 43mg/g. However, going by feel, it feels more like 24mg/g of nicotine to me, so that may be an error.  Siberia has one of the coolest looking cans on the market today.  The design looks like a throwback to Soviet/Cold War era Russia.  It's a really bold looking design that stands out amongst most other cans on the market.

These portions are super moist, much more moist than most other products by GN Tobacco. The aroma of this snus is a very sharp and biting smell that reminds me of natural mint, but with a subtle hint of peppermint. The portions, being quite moist, also have a little drip that comes on pretty quickly. When you put a portion in, you'll notice two things: a little tingle/cooling sensation and a burn. Perhaps this is why GNT originally called Siberia "Fire and Ice", because you get a cooling feeling and a burning feeling. The flavor comes on very quickly, as does the nicotine. I feel the nicotine kick within minutes of putting a portion in my lip. Being someone who doesn't do a lot of strong portions, I've only been able to keep a portion in for about 15-20 minutes before it becomes too strong. The flavor is a very sharp, biting mint flavor that is closer to natural mint. There's just a little bit of peppermint in the back and a mild, dark tobacco flavor as well. The flavor is closer to the original Siberia white portions but more bold and present, as this is an original portion. So if you're looking for something super strong and in the mint flavor, this is a must try!

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