13 July 2015

Skruf Tranbar White - Review (Discontinued). 13 July 2015.

This product is no longer produced, however the flavor lives on as Skruf Tranbar White (Ecological).  

Skruf Tranbar (Cranberry) Original Portion was one of the first snuses I ever reviewed. I put it up head to head against Offroad Cranberry in a little Cranberry Snus Deathmatch I did in 2009. In the end, Offroad came out on top. For some reason the V2 taste of Cranberry just seemed a little more up my alley. That being said - one thing I've always noticed about white portions is they balance flavor really well and can sometimes make an OP you don't like taste better. Phantom Blue for example - not a big fan of the OP, but love the White Portion. Opening up the can, the aroma reminds me a lot of Ocean Spray Cran-Grape. A present aroma of cranberry with a sweet little twist. The portions are much like I observed with Skruf Mellan - white portions, but moist, very comfortable in the lip and soft to the touch.

The taste takes a bit to develop, probably a good 15 minutes, but is pretty pleasant all around. I still prefer Offroad Cranberry - again, dunno why, but I just like the taste a little better. I will say this - Skruf Tranbar has a LOT of fans, I can think of many off the top of my head I know personally, so I imagine they'll like this one quite a bit. It's not a bad snus, I just don't like it as much as the Offroad Cranberry. The taste is pretty simple and very enjoyable. A mild cranberry taste with a little salt balance in the background. That's about it. It's pretty simple. The taste lasts quite a while, I had one in this afternoon for 2 hours while I was working and it never turned bitter on me, which is a good thing - as most snuses with flavor can do after the 1.5 hour mark.

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