15 June 2015

Siberia (-80 Degrees) White and White Dry Portion - Reviews. 15 June 2015.

This is a review that I've been looking forward to doing for quite a long time. To date, Siberia (-80 Degrees) from GN Tobacco has been our most requested review, so I'm glad to be able to deliver this review. If you've been following, I originally previewed this snus back in 2013, so it's been a long time coming from then until now. It was originally planned for the round can format, but has changed to it's current format of the square tubs.

When it comes to this product, GN Tobacco describes it as, "Bursting strong mint with ice spicy-burning effects with combination of the darkest tobacco hints.  Experience portion perfectly suits to the dense, as other GN snus types Siberia has the same feeling of pretty fluffy portions in comparison with other snus on market. We have achieved success in such a format of snus we havent been expecting, and to give any grade to the product is superfluous we trust in costumers point of view."  These are the two strongest snus products on the market - the white portion comes in at 24mg/g of nicotine and the white dry portion comes in at 42mg/g.

White Portion vs White Dry Portion

I've talked about this in the past, but if you're just tuning in and unfamiliar with white portions vs white dry portions I'll explain.  A white portion is a portion that doesn't go through the extra step at the end of manufacturing where extra moisture is added.  White dry portions are dryer than that and weigh less, which saves money if you're somewhere where snus is taxed by weight.  With a white dry portion, the flavor and the nicotine develop slow than a white portion and last a lot longer.

Siberia (-80 Degrees) "Ice Cold Power"
White Portion 
24mg/g Nicotine Content

I'm not someone who uses a lot of strong snus products anymore, so this one was much more approachable for me than the White Dry (42mg/g) snus.  When you open the tub, the aroma that comes through is a very sharp mint aroma.  It burns the nostrils much the same way smelling fresh horseradish does.  When you put a portion in your lip you'll notice they're very soft, fluffy and cloud like.  An immediate tingling sensation comes on accompanied by a burning feeling.  The taste of mint is very sharp and biting and there is a very mild taste of tobacco that comes through in the background.  It's a darker tobacco; if you've ever had Oden's Extreme before, think of that, but not as present.  The mint flavor is front and center when it comes to this snus.  The nicotine comes on pretty quick, a lot quicker than most white portions, and lasts quite a while.  As someone who doesn't do many strong portions, I was definitely feeling the effects of this one.

Siberia (-80 Degrees) "Extremely Strong"
White Dry Portion 
42mg/g Nicotine Content

This one was a little more intimidating.  This is the strongest Swedish Snus ever made, weighing in at a whopping 42mg/g.  This is almost twice as strong as the strongest Swedish Snus available.  You've been warned!  When you open a tub, a sharp and biting aroma of mint comes through.  The portions are very soft, much softer and more comfortable than any other white dry portion I've ever had.  There isn't as much tingle with this one as the other one, and the burn is a little more bold.  The taste is much the same, however.  A sharp and biting flavor of mint accompanied by a mild presence of dark tobacco.  Much like Oden's Extreme, but not as present.  The mint flavor is front and center.  It does have a mild refreshing presence, but it's very light.  It's interesting how there is a balance of refreshment and burning.

If you're a fan of strong snus products, give these a go.  If you're like me and don't do a lot of strong portions, you may find the white portion more approachable.  If you're used to higher nicotine products and aren't finding the satisfaction you want from extra strong snus products, check out the Extremely Strong 42mg/g Siberia, it may be right up your alley.


  1. From what vendor were you able to purchase this? I live in the USA, and I can't seem to find a site that will ship this stuff here. Unless you were sent it personally for reviewing?

    1. I'm in the US - I had a friend of mine in Sweden send it to me since I can't purchase it online.

  2. Hey chad,where can u purchase the tubs?,i know now,the cans are in most webstores,but havent seen the tubs,and also...how much are the tubs?i like the idea of a 500 portion container

    1. I got them from a friend in Sweden. They don't sell them online to the US (if you're in the US). If you're not in the US you can get them from OdensSnus.com.