04 February 2015

Siberia -80 Degrees - Preview. UPDATED: 6 March 2015

Check out this article for a review of both Siberia products - Siberia (-80 Degrees) White Portion and White Dry Portion!

We've been talking about Siberia -80 Degrees from GN Tobacco for quite some time now, almost 2 years. We now finally have an update with more product information as well as a release date. Siberia -80 Degrees now comes in two products - Siberia -80 Degrees White and Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry (Extremely Strong).

Also, you will note that it will not come in cans as previously expected, but will come in the bulk tubs that you may see on some of the other web stores for discount products.  This is the first time GN Tobacco is releasing a Swedish Snus in these tubs.

Siberia -80 Degrees White

On their Instagram Page, they said, "Welcome Siberia -80C white portion
First white portion in our list ... Regular portion
Extremely strong - 24mg
Weight 500gr
Pouch moisture - white portion
Taste characters--- strong mint with cooling and hot effect ... NOT FOR BEGINNERS !!!!!!!! Stronger than our extreme .. 2 weeks and you can enjoy it ... Very first orders can be done via odenssnus.com."
Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry (Extremely Strong)

On their Instagram Page, they said, "Happy to introduce you not the most strongest snus but most POSSIBLE STRONG snus on market in history before and after .. If you'll face with something stronger then it is from china and the quality is Chinese :))) just its not possible to make something stronger from tobacco :))) enjoy :)) Siberia -80C White Dry Portion
regular size
White dry
43mg nic
500gr pack
Strong mint with shocking freezing and burning in while mouth ... Can be used as anesthesia on mouth surgery :)))) available in 2 weeks ... Check daily odenssnus.com."

ORIGINAL POST:  4 February 2015:
Back in 2013 on the SnusOn website, GN Tobacco posted about a new product - Siberia 80 Degrees. They said of this new product, "We are releasing at the end of March (2013) the strongest snus to date with a spearmint flavor, named "Siberia - 80 Degrees". It is a portion snus with 24mg/g of nicotine. The main markets will be Norway and Finland and hopefully to dippers in Russia and the United States. It will soon be available on the internet."  That is a translation of the "Swenglish" post, by the way - this is the original post if you want to read that.

However, since early 2013, we haven't heard anything about it.  We did, however, get to see some artwork. Peter Makela, who also did the artwork for Islay Whisky Snus, Lenny's Cut Snus, Double Jaka Sweet Clove (which was never released) and Oden's Extreme No3, published this photo of the artwork he designed for this product.  Fast forward to 2015, and GN Tobacco posted about Siberia 80 Degrees again on the SnusOn website on 4 February 2015.  They said, "Siberia 80 Degrees is Ice and Fire. It is 24mg/g of nicotine - pure heaven." (Again, another translation from the Swenglish - if you want to read the original wording from his post on the SnusOn website, you can check that out here). A few days later, GN Tobacco said that Siberia 80 Degrees would be available in a 24 mg/g and 42 mg/g format.  Don't let that intimidate you, I imagine most portions will be half a gram or less, so you may end up with 12mg/portion and 21mg/portion of nicotine, which is more realistic.

So, it appears as though GNT is gearing up to release this product finally.  I've reached out to GN Tobacco for comment, but they're pretty quiet when it comes to new products, so this is all I know for now.  If I can get ahold of them I'll post an update!


  1. Any word on what Conny is doing at GN as a round 2 after Islay?

    1. Nothing new, no. I was hoping to have them last year, but that didn't work out. No new updates from Conny or GNT on the products.

    2. Shame, I would have been all over a Rum Snus.

    3. Shame, I would have been all over a Rum Snus.