04 May 2015

Redesign Info - Lundgren's & Mocca. 4 May 2015.

The only constant in the snus world is change.  Products come and go, and can redesigns happen all the time.

It was inevitable that the new Lundgren's Snus line from Fielder and Lundgren would eventually undergo a change. From our friend @konemor_emilsen on Instagram we see that Slim Fresh, Slim Berry and Slim Dark Ice are going through a redesign.  I haven't reviewed these products yet but should have my hands on some of them (hopefully) within a few weeks to write about.
Mocca Lakrits from Fiedler and Lundgren is also going through a design change. I reviewed it back in November of last year.  I'm not the biggest fan of mini snus, but I know this is a popular product, particularly among women.  The new can looks to be more simple and elegant.  This redesign will affect Mocca Mint as well as Mocca Lakrits.


  1. Maybe I can become the "anonymous Copenhagen guy." Great blog! My personal take on snus is a smokeless product that may be "healthier" than dip but doesn't taste as good (to me) and frankly, I like the expectoration. I also like the tradition and care maintained by USSTC towards maintaining the character and aesthetics of its two flagship dips: Copenhagen Snuff and LC. These cans are simply gorgeous (minus the addition of the horrid USG-mandated warning label), oldskool, and have stayed pretty consistent over the decades in appearance and quality. I guess in the case of Cope Snuff I might add, centuries. Copenhagen products generally have the air of consistency about them and I appreciate the constancy in quality, marketing and image. I have noticed, in part from dropping in on your site from time to time, that the Swedish snus companies seem to change their products' packaging appearance on a yearly and sometimes, it seems, monthly basis. What gives? I have been to Europe on several occasions and I know the Euros are very stylish and chic. In comparison, your average rural US dip user is probably decked out in Carhartts, Red Wing boots and driving a truck. Seems fitting that our cans are fiberboard/plastic, with a metal lid and Swedish snus "cans" look like jellybeans or parts that have fallen off a Prius. Might be a metaphor in there about our different values, tastes, etc. I would love to see American dip lower their TSNA's further and get more transparent about their manufacturing processes but I think as far as ST, I like my dip dark, smokey, long cut and American. Still waiting to get my hands on some of the Islay, General Smokey Oak and Grov portion but will have to wait for a deal on the shipping because at $10.00 a can courtesy of PACT, I think I'll have to stick with USSTC. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. You have to remember to buy in bulk, that's the thing. My last order was 44 cans and it equaled out to about 4.00$ a can (including shipping). I wouldn't buy snus if it were 10$ to ship per can, that's crazy. But when you factor in shipping, discounts and bulk pricing - snus is actually pretty cheap, and in some cases cheaper than dip/moist snuff.

      If you think snus doesn't taste as good as dip and you like spitting - snus may not be for you.

    2. Appreciate the reply. Would love to see more commentary on the dip/snus debate. It was also interesting for me to see that Islay, which has won accolades across the snus blogosphere... borrows on taste profiles and manufacturing precesses more in line with Copenhagen than General i.e. whisky (Scotch) flavor and fermentation (dark smokiness), hence higher TSNA's than regular snus, if I'm not mistaken. With your contacts in the industry I would ask you to convey to Swedish Match and others... if the Swedes can manufacture a long cut snus (old Offroad) with a Copenhagen Natural/Black/LC/snuff/mint flavor profile and markedly-reduced TSNA's and artificial components, like traditional snus, married to a good marketing campaign... they would OWN the US market. Thank you!