17 April 2015

Skruf Mynta Slim White (Ecological) - Review. 17 April 2015.

Skruf Mynta Slim White is a new product in the "Skruf Ecological" line which contains 100% natural/ecological tobacco. What's interesting about this product is that it contains not only tobacco, but 10% mint leaves. This is the first snus product ever produced to include real mint leaves in the recipe instead of added mint flavor. Needless to say, I've been pretty excited about this one.  It seems like there is a new mint snus released every week, but I enjoy it when a manufacturer does something different to make their new mint product stand apart from others, which is what Skruf has done here.

When you open a can of Skruf Mynta Slim White, a very natural and mildly sweet aroma of fresh mint comes through.  It's very refreshing and probably one of the best smelling mint snus products I've ever encountered.  The portions are the long/slim format, so they are exceptionally comfortable in the lip.  When it comes to the flavor, this is a very natural and mild tasting flavor of mint.  It does have a touch of sweetness to it, but not overbearing at all.  There is a very mild hint of tobacco in the background that comes through, but it's very gentle and does not upset the flavor balance at all.  I find the flavor of this one to be appealing to multiple people - those who are fans of mint and those who aren't. To those who are a fan of mint, this is a different take on it with a unique flavor profile.  To those who may not be the biggest fans of mint - this isn't an overbearing taste of mint and the flavor comes through in a very natural way.  I find it would be enjoyable to both demographics.

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