06 March 2015

Two New Lundgren's Products - Dark Ice & Berry. 6 March 2015.

The Lundgren's product line from Fiedler and Lundgren has been steadily growing. So far, I've written reviews of Lundgren's Skane Vit, Lundgren's Forbakad Stark, Lundgren's Extra Stark Vit, Lundgren's Forbakad, Lundgren's Vit and Lundgren's Mint Vit.  These two new products bring the total of Lundgren's branded snus products to 8 - establishing even further their interest in this product line.  Today, we're going to preview Slim Dark Ice and Slim Berry.

Lundgren's Slim Dark Ice

According to SnusBolaget, Lundgren's Slim Dark Ice is described as, "Lundgren's Dark Ice Portion is a new snus in Lundgren's family in leaner portions that offers a strong tobacco flavor with hints of licorice and mint."
Lundgren's Slim Berry 

According to SnusBolaget, Lundgren's Slim Berry is described as, "Lundgren's Slim Berry portioned snus with dark tobacco in leaner portions and taste of Norwegian forest berries."

Both of these sound very tasty, and I look forward to getting ahold of some of each to review!

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