Skruf Slim Fresh Hylleblomst White - Preview. 8 February 2015.

This photo surfaced today on the Instagram page of "freddified" of a new Skruf product, Skruf Slim Fresh Hylleblomst White.  Since I don't know what a Hylleblomst is, I had to check around.  One of my friends in Sweden told me it's similar to Elderflower, which is what the Gotlandssnus product Jakobsson's Flader is flavored with.

This being a "Slim Fresh" product, it will be similar to  Skruf Slim Sun Fresh - which paired citrus and mint.  Skruf Slim Fresh Hylleblomst will pair the flavors of mint, lime and elderflower.  That actually sounds pretty interesting, I look forward to trying this one.