Mortar Snus Syringe. Review. 24 July 2014.

I've been saying for years that the snus portioning accessory market has been very slim, and there was hardly any competition for Icetool which has been the leader in snus portioning tools for as long as I can remember. 2014 has seen a surge in competition for the Finland company, starting with the SnusBuster, the PROpris, and now the Mortar Snus Syringe This is a new tool made by a company in Iceland.
What's interesting about the Mortar is how similar to the Icetool it looks. But what separates this one is two things - price and construction. This one is much lower in price than the Icetool, but is made out of plastic. Many snusers want to pick up a snus portioning tool but don't have the financial means to spring for one of the higher priced options. Mortar is your best option for saving money and avoiding the Prismaster, which I've never been a fan of.
You may ask, "If Prismaster is made of plastic, and Mortar is made of plastic, which is better?" The Mortar excels in all areas. Form, design and product quality are all delivered with this plastic snus portioning device. In this photo, I made a quick little 2 click pris and it held together and came out just as perfect as one made with an Icetool would.

I'm definitely loving this thing.  I wasn't sure if I would approve or not, as I haven't been fond of plastic snus portioning tools in the past, but this one is definitely worth a buy.  I'm not sure yet which web stores will carry this, or if they'll carry it - but if you can find one, it's worth a purchase.


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