SnusBuster - Lossnus Portioning Tool. 25 January 2014.

I got a new kit today from the kind folks at SnusBuster to try out their new portioning tool. It came in a triangle shaped box, which was pretty neat. The SnusBuster is described as, "The ultimate tool for the serious solubility lovers! For a perfect Prilla. And EVERY TIME! For the production of high-grade aluminum is used only. The SnusBuster is made with the world famous Swiss precision! Every time a perfectly round and big to 3 ml Prilla. 5 Prilla sizes quickly and easily adjustable. No more dirty hands! Easy to use! Design meets innovation!"
Inside the kit comes with a package of oil (for lubrication), o-rings, a holder for the tool itself, and a pipe cleaner for cleaning out the tool.  It's a pretty all inclusive kit, very functional and you're good to go right out of the box!  The tool itself is very neat and much different from Icetool. The design is very rigid and futuristic looking, a different take on the traditional tools, such as prismaster or Icetool. In the past I've done an indepth review on Icetool, so if you're new to snus, lossnus, or tools - check that out and you can get a feel for what the alternative is.
As far as the tool itself, is very sturdy and functional, you can tell it's a high grade device and very well made. I was able to bake several prillas with it and they came out perfect everytime.  The lines are marked on the side (the ridges), much like the "clicks" of an Icetool, so it's easy to size your prillas by adjusting the tool along those ridges/lines.  As far as the price, they're listed in their e-shop as 33.25 EU (45.28$ USD) and Icetool is priced at 28.57 EU (39.08$ USD), so they're close in price.  The extra on the price is worth it for the extra o-rings, the oil, the carrying pouch and the cleaner, in my opinion.  So if you're into lossnus, and like using a portioning tool, the SnusBuster is definitely one to check out.  it's a neat little device, it comes very well packaged, and it has a great look to it.