General Snus Makeover Coming Soon! 14 October 2013.

General Snus unveiled it's new can design for the US market at a recent snus summit this past weekend. Due to being low on vacation time I was unable to attend this one, but here's the skinny on what is coming soon.  

"General Snus will soon be available in a premium brushed metal can with a fresh foil seal.  The ergonomic design also features a hinged metal lid, a first for the smokeless tobacco category, that provides an easy experience for the consumer when opening and closing the can.

General is an authentic Swedish snus, crafted from a sophisticated blend of premium tobaccos using a unique GothiaTek® production process, ensuring the highest measure of quality. This smokefree and spit-free tobacco is popular throughout Scandinavia, where users place the pouch discretely under their lip.
“Quality and freshness is what sets General Snus above the rest,” according to Joe Ackerman, Marketing Director for Snus in the US market. 

“General is continuing a decade’s long tradition of being sold in chillers. Keeping the product chilled, along with our innovative new packaging, provides added benefits for the consumer and gives them the assurance that General Snus will deliver the freshest product possible for discreet satisfaction.” 

 General Snus, introduced in the US in 2011, is currently available nationwide in more than 20,000 stores. Support for the new packaging will include a compelling product launch program, point of sale, and interactive web content that includes store locator apps for mobile users to connect with General retailers. The new cans, featuring the flavors Nordic Mint and Classic Blend, will be on the shelves in early 1st quarter, 2014."


  1. Nordic mint is no longer. They discontinued the product and i dont know what to try now.. depressing


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