Granit Maxad Svart Portion (Maxi Black Portion) Review (Discontinued). 4 Sep 13.

Granit Maxad Svart (Black Portion) is no longer for sale.  You can still buy Granit Maxi, but it's now in an original portion.  Check out the new review, here.

I recently picked up a can of the new Granit Maxad from our friends at Northerner and have been quite excited to see what the change is all about! The can is still 21gram, like the old Granit Maxi we reviewed in August of 2011. The description from BuySnus says, " Granit Maxad Black Portion (former Maxi Portion) - now with black pouches! The pouches are now somewhat shorter but thicker as well. An economically priced snus with pure tobacco flavor!"

The portions are still just as full and feel like a big prilla of lossnus in the lip. The aroma when you open a can is a very lemony smell, but not as "dirty" as I noticed when I tried the Maxi before, perhaps they cleaned that part up a little bit. The taste is a very bold and peppery tobacco taste with a tart hint of citrus. It's actually pretty good, it reminds me a tad of General Onyx - that's the closest thing I can think to compare it to.