31 August 2011

Granit (Original Portion) - Review. 31 August 2011.

Granit is a product range that I don't hear too much discussion about. I have a few friends who use and enjoy Granit, but for the most part it isn't something I heard about too often. Granit is a cheaper alternative in the realm of "traditional" flavor profiles. The product description says "Granit Portion Snus has a pronounced medium body tobacco taste."

20 August 2017 Update:  Granit was recently redesigned by Fiedler and Lundgren and now comes in a much better looking can with the FlexLid!  In case you missed it, the FlexLid is a rubber catch lid which actually grows and expands as you add more used portions to it.  It's a neat innovation that is now available in all of Fiedler and Lundgren's products!

The portions are pretty moist but a little light in weight.  I suggest fluffing them as many of them can come uneven or relatively flat in appearance.  The aroma is a very clean, slightly sweet citrus aroma with hints of lemon.  The taste of Granit is quite interesting.  With most traditional flavored Swedish Snus products, you'll notice the citrus up front and a little tobacco in the background.  Grant is quite the opposite.  You notice a mild tobacco character up front and the citrus in the back.  The citrus comes through as bergamot with hints of lemon.  There is also a nice pepper flavor in the back which seems to be more present than in General.  The salt flavor is relatively mild, but present enough that it brings out the flavors of the tobacco and the citrus.  Granit has a pretty long lasting taste, I can usually enjoy this one for 45 to an hour!  The nicotine content also feels to be about regular strength.

If you're looking for a traditional flavored Swedish Snus and want to save a little money, Granit is a quality tasting snus that I would definitely suggest trying!

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