18 February 2013

Nord66 line from Skruf - Reviews! 18 February 2013.

A few weeks back, I got wind of a new line from Skruf Snus called "Nord66" from a reader of this blog. I spoke with Skruf shortly thereafter and got ahold of some of the new stuff so I could review it. I'm not sure where the name comes from, though I do know of an Icelandic Apparel store called "66 North Wear" which specializes in "Nordic Clothing", so maybe it has something to do with that. As far as where to get this stuff - none of the webstores have it up for sale now, though some comments on my earlier blog post seem to indicate where you can get it. Reader "TamTam" says, " I believe in every store in Norway. If you are in Bergen Norway, you can by this snus at Coop Ops at Lagunen or any Coop Ops."  I know some webstores are potentially looking into carrying these, so if you're interested - write your favorite webstore and let them know you want to see this sold.  I'm sure in time we'll see it for sale though.  Skruf has a pretty big following online, so it would only make sense.

 Nord 66 Nordic Breeze

This is the first one I heard about, Nord 66: Nordic Breeze Strong Portion. These are original portions, and upon opening the can a very sharp and fresh peppermint aroma comes through. The portions are quite comfortable in the lip and have a rather interesting flavor. There's a fresh peppermint flavor mixed with little hints of lakrits (black licorice). It's a really interesting taste. The taste is sweet, but not overbearingly so, and the flavors mingle together quite well for a very fresh tasting snus.  I'm not sure of the nicotine content, but if I had to guess from the nicotine kick I'd probably guesstimate it to be around 12-15mg/g of nicotine.  

Nord 66 Strong White

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

On the "Skruf Scale of Power", Nord 66 Strong White is rated at 3/4. Skruf Stark (also a 3/4) comes in at 14 mg/g of nicotine, which is what I'd assume this one is at, between 12mg-15mg/g of nicotine based on the kick.  The aroma of this one really reminds of me of a GN product, Oden's Extreme.  A citrus aroma with a peppery hint to it.  It's interesting, a Skruf product without the rose oil taste to it.  The flavor is pretty interesting, a very present tobacco taste with a peppery bite to it and a mild hint of citrus in the background.  It's much different from any other product Skruf has released.  I really like it.  Not so much earthy, but has a really raw taste to it.  I like it, I'd definitely order more of this if it was available in web stores.

Nord 66 X-Strong Strong

This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Next, Nord 66 X-Strong Portion (Extra Strong) is rated at a 4/4 on the Skruf Scale of Power. I'd guess upwards of 17-19mg/g of nicotine in this one, it has a pretty strong kick.  The aroma is much like the white portion, a very peppery aroma with a little citrus in the mix.  The portions are very full and comfortable in the lip and have an almost immediate nicotine release.  The only snus I can compare this to is Oden's Extreme, it has a very raw and bold tobacco flavor with a peppery bite to it.  The citrus isn't very present, it's mild and in the background with the tobacco taste in the front.  This would make a very good lossnus - there aren't many snuses that have a "straight up tobacco taste" to them.  I like this one too, but damn - it is strong!

That being said - I think this is a good new line from Skruf with some interesting flavors, and I definitely hope to see it sold in webstores soon, as I think people are going to enjoy this one!


  1. 66 degrees north is the latitude of the arctic circle. Gotta be that.

  2. I live in Norway, where you get this brand of snus everywhere. Snus helped me quit smoking and the recently discovered extra strong portion of Nord66 is my new fave. I use it paralel with the white portion Lab 07 from Swedish Match. Nord66 is actually the first Skruf-snus I have enjoyed as I think Skruf is rather crappy in general. I love General Onyx, but find it to mild in the long run. I really miss Nick and Johnny's Black Tarmac and it's a downright enigma that they seem to have dithced that lovely brand for the awful, parody of a snus titled Green Spykes. But to decline from being off-topic, Nord66 extra strong portion is a winner if you like clean, strong, portion snus. ,