25 January 2013

New Skruf Snus - Nord 66°. 25 January 2013.

NOTE: This is a preview article. For the reviews of all the Nord 66 snuses, check out our full article on the new line from Skruf Snus!

From Marcus in Norway, "Found this new Skruf snus at a store in Norway. Dont know of if you've heard about it, sort of hard to describe the taste/smell but its kind of like liqourice with some mint in the backround, regular sized portions." I'm waiting for an email from Skruf as far as more information and availability, so I'll be updating everyone as soon as I know more and if/when we'll see it in webstores.


  1. Replies
    1. I believe in every store in Norway i guess Leo =) if you are in Bergen Norway you can by this snus at Coop Ops at Lagunen or any Coop Ops =)and by the way it's sweet mint and liquorice ^^