17 April 2012

Brandy Alexander is here to stay! 17 April 2012.

Brandy Alexander fans rejoice! I got an email this morning that absolutely made my day. Most of the time when I get news/emails from Sweden they come in between 1am-4am our time, which is office hours in Sweden, so when I wake up in the morning and see emails from snus folks overseas I never know what kind of news it's going to be, but in this case it just so happened to be EXCELLENT news! I was told that if sales permitted for Brandy Alexander, there was a possibility that it could stay around as a permanent addition. After a quick sellout and the production of a second batch, sales have continued to prove strong and V2 has decided to keep it around as an addition to their product line! If you haven't tried B.A., no worries about stock running out because now everyone can have some whenever they want it. Thanks to all the folks who bought some earlier and help make it's comeback a strong one!

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