16 April 2012

Swedish Camel Snus (White Portion) (Discontinued) 16 April 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

In July of 2010 I did a series of reviews entitled, The Banned Reviews. One of which was on Camel Snus (Original Portion). As we should note before we go into this review, this is on Swedish Camel Snus, not the American knock-off garbage. If this is an article you stumbled across looking up info on American Camel "SNUS", welcome, and I hope this will teach you a little about the differences between American "SNUS" and Swedish Snus. I've written in the past about American "SNUS" vs Swedish Snus in an attempt to explain the differences, and this review will talk about the Swedish Camel Snus White Portion, which is another Banned Snus not to be sold in the US due to Brand Restrictions. It's sad to recall that back a few years ago we could buy all these in the US. Now, if you want Camel you have to resort to the US knock off. Folks in other countries, however, can get ahold of this great snus - so if this applies to you - check it out! It's great stuff.

When you open a can of Swedish Camel, a citrusy aroma comes through with slight floral hints and a dark tobacco aroma. I always seem to pick up hints of chocolate in the aroma as well when it comes to Swedish Camel Snus. The flavor is a very mellow citrus taste with hints of pepper and a nice salt balance, and a very subtle sweetness in the background. The taste is great - especially if you're a fan of traditional Swedish Snus. If you're in a country other than the US - check it out, it's really good snus. Every now and then a can just happens to fall into my lap and much like Gustavus or Lucky Strike, I savor it as long as I can. I'm finishing up a can of Lucky Strike Original Portion from a review I did a few days ago and now Camel Snus (Swedish) and in the next few days I'll be reviewing Gustavus Loose, so I'll be honest - this week I'm a little spoiled.
To quote my last article, I wanted to discuss when Camel "SNUS" is not Camel Snus. "Now, we need to clarify something first. When is Camel "snus" not Camel Snus? There are two different Camel snus brands, due to the fact that the Camel name is not exclusive to RJ Reynolds. RJR produced Camel "snus", which is a bastardized American knock-off of REAL snus. If you're in another country and this is the first you're hearing about it, I've reviewed Camel "snus" Mellow, and Camel "snus" Robust and Winterchill, some of the varieties in the American Camel "snus" line. JTI Sweden produces a real, traditional snus with the Camel name which has a great flavor and provides a more traditional approach and experience to that of the terrible American product. Now, to clarify why this can't be sold into the US, it was once said like this, which is probably the best explanation of it. "In the case of Camel Snus, two separate companies are licensed brandowners of the product, and they divide the world between them. Where Camel is owned by RJR, JTI is not allowed to sell any Camel-branded tobacco products, and vice-versa. In the case of Lucky Strike, the non-North American company is BAT, and RJR holds the rights to this brand name in the USA. Interestingly enough, BAT is a shareholder in RJR."

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