05 March 2012

Thunder Cool Orange. Review. (Discontinued) 5 March 2012.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I've been pretty interested in this one since I heard about it.  Though it is true that citrus is a very common taste in the snus world, the flavor that is most predominant is bergamot.  As you may know, bergamot is a classic Swedish taste and tastes somewhat akin to a grapefruit.  However there are many types of citrus that are not often explored - lime, lemon, and the traditional orange taste.  In the past, I've reviewed others in this category that were not the traditional Bergamot taste such as Catch Collection//Glow (Elder Lime) and the Offroad Limited Edition 2009 which had Mandarine Orange as a flavor, but not many other snuses venture much into this category.  So it's definitely interesting to see a change coming with snuses like this and the recently released Jakobsson's Melon that are shaking up the snus world with new and interesting flavors.

This snus is a very taste and interesting one. V2 has done some improvement with the portion moisture content since moving into their new factory. These portions are original portions, but the moisture isn't crazy like we've seen in the past from some newer V2 products. It's a good moisture content, but not oozing moisture like many have complained about in the past. The aroma is a very fruity and tropical one, the orange smell bursts from the can as soon as you open it. The taste is a great orange taste - not sweet, but a mellow and very natural orange taste. A nice little salt balance rounds this one out to provide a fruity and fresh taste. This is a very good snus. To finish this review though, I'm going to quote myself from my review of Jakobsson's Melon. " Is it something I'd buy again? Probably not, because I'm not really into that kind of thing. It makes a great detour, but not really one I'd want to take too often. I can imagine those who like flavored snus would enjoy this one immensley because it's much different from other flavors on the market and a much needed break from the mint overpopulation of the snus market." This snus is very good, but not something I'd use all the time myself. There is definitely room in the market for a taste like this and there is demand for it - so those of you wanting something different or those of you who enjoy a fruity and non traditional taste - check this out. V2 did a great job capturing the flavor of orange and releasing a very unique snus.

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