08 March 2012

Göteborgs Rapé: Lime - Coming Soon! 8 March 2012.

Göteborgs Rapé is going to be expanding soon with a new snus - a Lime incarnation. I don't have any pics of the can, so this is my idea of what I think it should look like. Swedish Match - you may use this design in exchange for free snus for life. I think that's a fair trade. It's interesting that the Göteborgs Rapé line is expanding. Göteborgs Rapé is such a traditional brand that it caught me by surprise when I got confirmation from Swedish Match about this new snus. Another interesting thing is the flavor - Lime is not very common. In many conversations with various others in the snus manufacturing world I've been told that Lime is a very hard flavor to capture and to sustain, apparently the flavor doesn't last long in the can. It'll be interesting to see how Swedish Match approaches the lime flavor and how it works in their snus. I'm curious if it'll have the herbal taste profile that GR has already but with a Lime twist. Look for this in April from your favorite webstores!

UPDATE: The final word is in and an official image of the can! The taste description for the new GR Lime says "Mild tobacco flavor with slight sweetness and tones of lime followed by a touch of herby mint. (21,6g and 0,8% nicotine)".

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