20 September 2011

Phantom Classic White Review. 20 Spetember 2011.

I've never reviewed a V2 Phantom product that was a traditional/normal flavor, so I've been curious about this one for quite some time. I'm glad I finally got around to it. Phantom Classic White is next up on the V2 review list, so let's get to it. The product description lists it as, "White Portion snus with traditional snus aromas slightly peppery with hints of citrus and smooth round taste." Going by product description alone it sounds like a pretty normal snus. But it was a little different than what I expected. Not saying that's a bad thing, but it was interesting. The aroma is really interesting - it has an almost herbal like quality, which reminds me of Phantom Blue White Portion. The other thing that comes through is - of course, citrus. I expected a bold, classic Swedish flavor. This one turned out to be much more mild in all aspects. But again, not saying that's a bad thing!

The portions are very comfortable in the lip - V2 has made great strides in their white portions - and these are no exception. Very comfortable in the lip and quite full, which was a problem in the past with deflated portions. As far as the taste goes - it's really mild. It takes a while to get the flavor going. There is a little citrus flavor present, but it's very mild. There is a little pepper kick in the background as well as a nice little salt balance going on. But all these flavors are very mild, very subdued. Phantom Classic White is a very neutral snus. The taste isn't in your face, and it's very low key. I haven't really had a snus like this so it's a little hard to describe, but I guess if on a scale of 1-10, the taste of General OP was a 10 in terms of boldness, Phantom Classic White would be around a 2-3. Not saying that in a bad way, it's just a very gentle flavor. It reminds me a lot of General Smooth which has a very mellow taste. This snus is one I'd suggest along with General Smooth to anyone looking to step into the classic Swedish taste profile as it's mellow enough that it's not like "OMG Bergamot" but still has a present but subdued citrus taste. It's pretty good, and I'd definitely say it's a good transition snus, or a good newbie snus.

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