Oden's Extreme Vanilla (White Dry) (Discontinued) Review. 24 August 2011.

NOTE:  This product was discontinued and then relaunched in 2016.  Here is the updated review of the new 2016 version of Oden's Extreme Vanilla (White Dry).

A special thanks to a SnusOn member, "Void", who sent me two Oden's Extreme products with a very limited availability to review. This is one of the two I'll be talking about - the other being Burned Apple. I've never had a bad experience with Vanilla in snus. Though I didn't review it, a few years ago I enjoyed the Nordstrommen Los Limited edition version of Dark Vanilla, and I've reviewed Catch Collection//Chill (Mint Vanilla) - a limited edition release from Swedish Match. Vanilla, when done correctly, is a great addition to snus. I, however, was not a fan of Oden's 69. It was kinda "meh", and a little too dry. But as these flavors only come in White/Dry portions for the time being, I was hoping for the best. These cans have Russian warning labels/information on the bottom. They're the standard hockey puck can GN has been using, and come in a white color.

These portions look a little more moist than the Oden's 69 portions I had last year, so I was quite hopeful going into this. The key thing about vanilla is it can't be too sweet - vanilla itself tastes great, but if it's too sweet it can be overdone. The aroma of this snus is very mellow and pleasant, it reminds me a lot of Nila Wafers. It's a very mellow vanilla aroma. The portions are quite dry, so I had to do a little pre-wetting before I was able to use them, so I could get the maximum taste out of them. I got a picture when I did the Oden's 69 review of the tobacco inside, it's pretty dry, but with a little moisture added it's usually good to go. The taste is great. A gentle and mellow vanilla flavor with a bread-like quality, or a fresh-baked flavor. It reminds me at times of, as I mentioned earlier, Nilla Wafers. This snus proves that GN knows how to use vanilla correctly to flavor a snus, and I can only imagine what this would taste like as an Original Portion.


  1. I just got few cans of this vanilla dry extreme. Does it really should be really dry, like no moist at all? Or are these my cans just dried?

  2. Colt - It's designed for the Russian market and for some reason this is how it has to be made. There is Vanilla Dry White Extreme and a new Vanilla Extreme Original Portion coming soon that will be more moist. We reviewed it on here a few weeks ago.


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