Grov Black Portion - Review. (Discontinued) 25 August 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Over the next few days, I'm going to be catching up on reviews of older snus products that I've tried, but never got around to reviewing. I get requests all the time to review certain snuses, and I've just received an order of all the snuses you guys have asked for! The first one will be Grov Black. In the past I reviewed Grov White Portion, and I occasionally use Grov Original Portion, I also did a video review of Grov Kardus a few days ago. So, I'm no stranger to Grov. But Grov Black is totally different, in many aspects. Grov Black, much like General Onyx, is a black portion counterpart produced by Swedish Match. A black portion is simply a white portion that comes in a different color pouch. Grov Black has a nic content of 12mg, so it's a little stronger than General Onyx - which weighs in at 11mg. The word "Svart" is Swedish for "Black".

Grov Black is a very interesting snus. The aroma is sweet - a slight leather aroma with undertones of vanilla. The portion is very comfortable, however being a star formation, the wedge shape does require a little fluffing before putting in the lip. The vanilla aroma comes through quite clearly, with slight licorice hints and a little leather undertone going on as well. There is also a very slight leathery taste. The "Grov" flavor profile is present, but mixed with these other elements providing a very complex taste profile - and a very interesting one at that. Grov Black is pretty interesting. It's not something I could use every day, but I could see it as an occasional use. It's sweet, but not too sweet - I think the added elements compliment the Grov flavor very well. If you're a fan of Grov, I'd urge you to pick it up and give it a try.