Cl!ck (Click) Snus Review. (Discontinued) 4 February 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I've been pretty excited about this one, hearing about the product description and formulating my own opinion of what this snus could be like has made me damn near salivate just thinking about this stuff showing up on my doorstep. So Cl!ck (Click) snus is a new snus from Swedish Match, and no, the can isn't pink. It's red....ish. But definitely not pink. Before I get too into this, I like the herbal aspect when it's applied to snus. I liked Tre Ankare, and I really like Phantom Blue (White Portion) but have always wanted an herbal tasting snus with a deep, rich tobacco flavor. Well, the day has come and Cl!ck delivers. This snus is great.

When I opened up the can a really deep, rich tobacco aroma hit me, it was almost like opening a can of los - it's a very pure aroma. The portions are the standard SM white portion - which means their in a wedge shape, so you'll want to fluff them a little to make them comfortable in your lip. The taste is pretty spicy and unique. The tobacco flavor is very bold, very rich and strong. The salt in this snus isn't as present as in others, and I find a nice little pepper taste in the background too. The herbal taste isn't the predominant flavor of this snus, but it is in the background as a nice little afterthought that comes in midway through the snuslife. It all melds together pretty well in this neat little spicy package.

I find Cl!ck to be a great addition to the Swedish Match product line. The taste is unique, interesting, and refreshing. The can is cool, something that I could see taking to a bar or a club.

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