Catch Collection be illin'. 8 Dec 2010.

After a recent visit over to the Catch Collection website, it looks like the results are in. It looks like in 2011, The Catch Collection is gonna be Chillin', Thrillin', and Stillin'. I guess the word "ill" is attractive to snus consumers. So we heard about Catch Chill being released the first week of 2011, which is good news for those who remember this killer snus flavored with mint and vanilla, and many of you may remember Catch Collection Still//Violet Licorice, which was a VERY flavorful and tasty snus. And looks like a new contender thrown into the mix...

Catch Collection Thrill//Raspberry Pepper. Okay, I'm going to say it. Markus & Joakim - don't hate me for this one. This sounds like somebody got the munchies, but for snus instead of food - and said, "Okay, what can we put together? Okay...we have some raspberries, and some pepper. Alright, mix it up!" This one looks pretty interesting, and I've always loved the pepper flavor when mixed with bergamot in certain snuses, so it will be interesting to see how it blends with a berry. This may just open up a whole new world for the snus business - bergamot, are you afraid? Fear the berry.