22 November 2010

Long Cut Pure Tobacco & Coffee Vanilla return in 2011! 22 November 2010

Anybody remember Offroad Long Cut : Pure Tobacco? Well, I don't, it was a little bit before my time. I just found this image on Google. But, I have heard about it from people who have tried it - and one thing the snus world is missing is a long cut, straight tobacco flavored snus. Granted we have Grov, and things of that nature, but a long cut, pure tobacco flavored snus is something that has been asked for for quite some time now. V2 mentioned in a recent thread on SnusOn that a "neutral long cut" would go into production sometime around 2011, so good news for those who have been asking for it!

In the same post, they also mentioned that in 2011, the Offroad Coffee Vanilla would go into production again, though they used the word "test", so I'm going to assume that means limited. If you remember from my review, I wasn't the biggest fan of it. However, Coffee Vanilla does have quite the following, so I imagine it'll be a pretty big seller for those who enjoyed it's last two releases. One thing I can say about V2 - they listen to their fan base.

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