Mocca Mint (White Mini) - Review. 9 May 2009.

There are a lot of mint snus products out there, but not a lot of white mini mint products. And when it comes to this one, it seems like this one is going after a certain demographic of the snus world: the female snuser. Now, I'm not saying men can't use this product, too. I'm just saying, it looks a lot like a product developed for women. The flavor description says, "A white mini pouch-snus with a sweet taste of mint with hints of vanilla. In the background there is a mild tast of tobacco with a natural sweetness. It has a mild cooling effect and a long lasting flavor release due to the dry surface of the portions."

I expected this one to be alot like General Mini Mint, but it was completely different. To be honest, I prefer the General Mini Mint.  Mainly, the taste of the General Mini Mint snus is alot better.  For some reason this snus tastes like that aftertaste you have when you lick an envelope. I just didn't really like this one.  I didn't pick up any tobacco or vanilla taste in this one.  It's mostly a mild peppermint taste with a little bit of menthol in the background.  The portions are a little more moist, and I like the slim factor of them.  They are quite comfortable in the lip.  But I couldn't get past the taste.  The aroma is also quite mild and bland.  A very faint peppermint smell comes across, but that's about it.

If you like mint and want a good snus, there are better ones on the market.  I think the best part of this is the can, I love the design and the feel of it. If you're new to snus and transitioning from Camel "SNUS" into REAL Swedish snus, this might make a good first snus, but probably not for a long term or intermediate user, you might be dissatisfied.