Cannadips CBD Pouches - Massive Price Drop! 6 October 2020.

Cannadips CBD Pouches, the original CBD pouch, has issued a massive price drop on their product line.  Previously, products retailed for around $17.99 a can. Now, Cannadips is priced at $9.99 a can, making them the most affordable CBD pouch product on the market today.  This is impressive, considering their incredible product quality, and CBD delivery.  Cannadips is the original CBD pouch, and lately we've seen lots of others burst onto the market.  I've reviewed quite a few of them, including V&You &Chill CBD Pouches (from the UK), as well as Live Free CBD Pouches (also from the USA), but Cannadips remains my personal favorite.  Mrs. Snubie was the CBD fan, so I reviewed them with her (just to do something different), but Cannadips was the product that actually made me start using CBD pouches daily.  Needless to say, I'm a big fan.  If you want to know more, I've reviewed their original line: Mint, Citrus, and American Spice, as well as new additions such as Mango and Wintergreen!  Wintergreen is my personal preference, and the one I use daily myself.

If you've never tried CBD pouches before and want to check them out, they're running an incredible deal right now.  Their California Roll (a can of each flavor) is only $25.00 for first time buyers.  That's $5 a can, so a great way to check out the line on the cheap.  All of their flavors are pretty solid, but this is a way you can check out what they have to offer.  The promo code is CA25 if you take advantage of that offer.  This is great news for the CBD pouch market, and for lovers of Cannadips.  I have a feeling Mrs. Snubie and I are going to be putting in another order soon!  She uses it more than me, but I'm now a big fan!

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