Live Free Hemp Snuff: CBD Pouches - Review. 17 September 2020.

Thanks to Mrs. Snubie, I've been getting more into CBD lately and doing reviews of CBD pouches. I've reviewed Cannadips CBD Pouches (10mg per pouch),  as well as V&You &Chill CBD Pouches (20mg per pouch).  Today I'm going to be talking about Live Free CBD Pouches which, wait for it, clock in at 133mg per pouch!  More on that later.  Live Free Hemp Snuff is a company based in North Carolina that produces 100% USDA Organic hemp.  As an American reviewer, I'm always excited to review products that are made here in the good ol' US of A!  If you're new to CBD, or CBD pouches, let me do a quick run down.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound from the hemp plant.  The CBD in these pouches comes from the hemp plant, but it doesn't contain enough THC to have an intoxicating effect.  Live Free Pouches contain less than 0.3% THC.  CBD is kind of a miracle drug, in my opinion.  It has a lot of great effects for the human body.  From the Live Free website, some of these effects include "stress management, anxiety relief, reduction of pain, reduction of inflammation and sleep improvement."  Mrs. Snubie uses it for back pain, cramps, headaches, and insomnia.  

Now, as I said before, each pouch contains 133mg of CBD.  Before I wrote this review, I was like wait, how much CBD can the human body handle?  Is that too much?  I, as always, did a little research, and found a medical study that answered that question.  This study on the safety and side effects of CBD found that "continuous use of CBD, even in high doses like 1,500 mg a day, is tolerated well by humans".

Each can of Live Free CBD Pouches weighs 1.2oz (34.02 grams) and contains 15 pouches, which weigh 2.26g each.  This means they're much more plump than I'm used to, as most snus portions are 0.7-0.9g each.  You can see that they're also quite moist.  They feel great under the lip, and have quite a quick release of flavor!  They are more moist, so I can usually keep them in for about 45 minutes, like original portion snus.  The CBD content is 2000mg per can, which would clock in at 133mg per pouch.  

Live Free Pouches:  Atomic Cinnamon

Flavor Description:  "Each pouch is filled all natural cinnamon flavoring that has a sweet, woody fragrance plus a kick for those spice lovers out there."

Review:  When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a lightly sweet, rich smell of cinnamon with a light spiciness.  In the flavor profile, the cinnamon is quite present, and has a nice spiciness to it, along with subtle tones of wood, and a spiciness to the flavor profile.  

Live Free Pouches:  Berry

Flavor Description:  "As soon as you taste our berry pouches, we promise you'll be a fan. They're a perfect mix of sweet and tangy with raspberry, blueberry and wildberry accents that will have you craving more."

Review:  The aroma of this stuff is quite nice.  It reminds me of grape, but I also pick up blueberry tones in the aroma.  It's lightly sweet, but not overly sweet.  The flavor is really good.  It's not a cheap or weak berry taste.  I pick up mild tones of raspberry, as well as a blueberry presence.  It's lightly sweet in nature, and not too artificial, either!  It's a pretty well rounded berry taste!

Live Free Pouches:  Citrus Mango

Flavor Description:  "Our Citrus Mango pouches are the perfect combination of both sweet and sour with real mango extracts."

Review:  This one has quite an interesting smell to it.  At first, a citrus smell greets you, which reminds me of lemonade.  It has a warm sweetness behind it, and then a fresh touch of mango in the background.  This one has a really nice tropical/citrusy type of taste.  It's got some tartness going on, but also a little sweetness.  The citrus flavor reminds me mostly of lemon, with some mild peppery tones in the background, then a tropical touch of mango!  

Live Free Pouches:  Honey Bourbon

Flavor Description:  "The perfect mix of sweet honey and smoky bourbon gives these pouches a hearty and rich taste."

Review:  This one smells utterly amazing.  Warm tones of honey jump out of the can as soon as it is opened, and then a nice touch of bourbon.  It's not cheap or boozy smelling, either!  As far as flavors go, this one definitely takes the cake.  It is beyond delicious.  The warm honey tones are up front in the flavor profile, accompanied by tones of bourbon, a light smokiness, and a mild wood note.  It's really tasty stuff.

Live Free Pouches: Wintergreen

Flavor Description:  "Our Wintergreen pouches are bursting with minty, refreshing elements that will give you a cooling tingle."

Review:  Preface, I don't use a lot of wintergreen products.  It's more of an occasional thing for me.  This one definitely captures that traditional wintergreen presence.  The aroma, right off the bat, is that lightly sweet, American wintergreen smell.  This one has something the other ones don't - a mild cooling presence when you put a pouch under your lip.  The flavor is, of course, wintergreen.  It tastes very much like your traditional American wintergreen dip product.  It's lightly sweet, and not overdone.

CBD Content, Rating, and Final Thoughts

CBD Content
So, these are obviously much stronger than other CBD products I've reviewed before.  I turned to Mrs. Snubie, our resident CBD guru, for her thoughts on these.  She noticed the same thing.  These are the strongest CBD products we've reviewed so far.  The CBD effect comes on quite quickly, and it's much stronger than the usual CBD pouches.  Yesterday, Mrs. Snubie had a bad headache, and reached for one of these to knock it out, and found that it worked quite quickly!

For my rating, I'm averaging them all together to come up with one rating for the entire Live Free line.
Packaging - 4/5 - I love the look of these cans.  The designs are sleek, and very bold.
Aroma - 3.5/5 - Present, and enjoyable aromas.
Mouthfeel - 3/5 - I like the moist format, because it releases flavor much more quickly.  They are a bit plump, so some may be turned off by the pouch size if they aren't formers dippers.
Flavor - 4/5 - I really enjoyed the flavors of these.  Honey Bourbon was my favorite, of all 5.
CBD Content - 5/5 - 133mg of CBD per pouch.  You can't beat that!  A quick release, and a solid release of CBD.
Longevity - 3.75/5 - Pretty long lasting flavors, usually 45 minutes on average like original portion snus.
Average - 3.88/5 - Solid CBD pouches with a great CBD content, nice flavors, and a moist, plump portion!

Final Thoughts
I was really impressed with these CBD products.  I like the moist pouches, the flavors were all great, and the CBD release was top notch.  If you're a CBD user, you'll probably dig these.  I think American dippers are going to like them as well, because they remind me a lot of pouched American dip products.  


  1. I don't see any testing data on their website so I'm not sure at the price point I really trust their CBD content claim

  2. Do you have to spit like real snuff


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