02 April 2020

Siberia X-Tremely Black (Original Portion) - Review. 2 April 2020.

Since GNT launched Siberia Snus years back, it has become incredibly popular. In fact, the whole mega/ultra strong category (43mg/g+) has grown a lot, too. I don't personally use products this strong, but a lot of people seem to.  Most of these super strong products (such as Siberia, or Thunder X) are mint flavored.  WOW! Summer Honey is citrus/honey flavored, but there really isn't a tobacco flavored one, until now.  I grabbed a few cans of it from SnusMe.com to review, so this should be fun.  From OdensSnus EU store, I found this flavor description: "Classic and spicy Swedish tobacco flavor – peppery and with flowery elements." Each can weighs 20g and has 20 portions, for 1g portions. The nicotine content is 43mg/g (4.3%), or 43mg/portion (since it’s 1 gram portions).

When you open the can, there is a robust, powerful tobacco smell with hints of pepper and a light floral tone in the background. This one reminds me a lot of Oden's Extreme Original Portion, but with an added floral presence.  The portions are nice and plump, and quite moist, with a quick release of flavor.  Though the can says "Portion Black" on it, it is not a black portion, it is an original portion.  When you put one under the lip, you do encounter a mild burn.  The flavor is actually pretty good, it's a shame this is too strong for me to use full time, because I really dig the taste.  The tobacco flavor is dark, robust, and rich.  It also has a really peppery backbone to it, which compliments the tobacco flavor quite well.  There are mildly sweet floral tones in the background which serve as a nice hint to the taste!

Now, for nicotine and flavor longevity.  I timed it, and I feel the nicotine at 2.5 minutes, and I can't keep it in any longer than 11 minutes.  I don't use a lot of really strong stuff, so that's normal for me.  I imagine if you use mega/ultra strong products like this, you'll probably be able to keep it in for 45 minutes, like most original portions.  And the nicotine, to me, feels as strong as Siberia Brown.  So it has quite a kick to it.

As far as this product goes, I won't use it again, it isn't for me.  That's not saying it's bad; I found it to be quite tasty!  It's just too strong for me.  If you like really strong products and want a tobacco flavored one, rejoice - it's here!

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