19 June 2019

Blå Lös (Norway) - Review. 19 June 2019.

This will actually be the third time I've reviewed this! I first tried Fiedler and Lundgren's Blå Lös back in 2010, when it was briefly available to the US via online sales. It was discontinued, and then relaunched in 2015 exclusively for the Norway market.  It's still exclusively available on the Norwegian market, but I wanted to revisit it since it now comes in the plain can design.  I've always enjoyed this product; it's a shame that it isn't available online for consumers in the US!  When it comes to Blå Lös, the flavor description says, "A snus with a carefully selected blend of tobacco." It comes in a 42g can, and has a nicotine content of 9mg/g.

A friend of mine got this can for me from Snuslageret.no, that's why the cans look like this. In Norway, snus cans come in this color, also known as Pantone 448 C, or 'opaque couché'. According to a survey, it is "the world's ugliest color". Also, cans in Norway have no graphics on them, they only have the name of the product. I personally like the cans and the color. I find the design simple, and minimalist. So their effort to make snus less attractive did not work on me.

Now, to get this out of the way - it tastes the same as the last few times I've had it. But, if you've never heard of Blå Lös before, I'll still review it anyway. The aroma is an earthy tobacco smell with a little smoky hint and a touch of chocolate. The los itself is pretty easy to work with; I find it's not too fine, but not too course. It handbakes quite well! The tobacco flavor is present, earthy, and robust. There is a hint of chocolate in the background, but it's not as in your face as with Ettan Lös, for example. There's also a very light smokey quality to this, but it doesn't overtake the tobacco flavor. The nicotine strength, with my usual 1-1.5 gram prillas, feels to be right at the regular strength level. I find the snus stays well baked in the lip, and I can usually keep it in for up to about 45 minutes on average!

I've always been a fan of this snus, and I'm glad I got to try it again.  If you're in Norway and like tobacco centric products, this is a must try!

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