03 March 2019

Small Batch 8 (Gin & Pepper) - Review. 3 March 2019.

Swedish Match has released the first Small Batch series of 2019 - Small Batch #8, which has a flavor of gin and pepper!  So far, we have seen 7 releases in a variety of flavors.  At the bottom of this review, I'll list them all and link to my reviews of the previous Small Batch releases as well as my rankings of them.  Swedish Match describes the small batch series by saying, "We at Swedish Match have produced thousands of products over the course of a few hundred years. Our experts are experts in the correct sense of the word. But they have not been tired of developing new ideas. In order for them to get that opportunity - and for Swedish snusers to be able to share it all - we now launch a new range of products called Small Batch, where the flavor is replaced several times a year. Each flavor is produced in a small edition."

The flavor description of this snus says, "Small Batch 8 (Gin and Pepper) has a light and spicy tobacco character with hints of juniper, lime, herbs and pepper. The ingredients have been formulated to give a taste similar to gin."  It comes in a 24 gram can with 24 portions for 1 gram portions.  The nicotine strength isn't listed but I'm assuming it's regular strength.

When you open the can the aroma is a straightforward smell of gin with a little pepper in the background.  The portions come in the star formation, so I suggest fluffing these to move the tobacco around a little bit.  They’re soft and comfortable in the lip!  The flavor is predominantly gin, but also has a light herbal character to it, along with a hint of tobacco and a touch of pepper.  The nicotine strength feels to be about the regular level.  The flavor, on average, lasts up to about an hour!  I enjoyed this one, and I rank it at #6 out of all the Small Batch products I've reviewed so far.  The taste of this one reminded me a lot of General Hernö Gin White Portion Snus that I reviewed a little while back.  If you've had that one, this one tastes a lot like it!  If you like gin, give this one a try.  It's a pretty interesting flavor!

Previous Small Batch Releases (Links to Reviews)
1/2018 - Small Batch 1 - Champagne
2/2018 - Small Batch 2 - Blood Orange
5/2018 - Small Batch 3 - Apple Mint
7/2018 - Small Batch 4 - Raspberry Licorice
9/2018 - Small Batch 5 - Coffee
10/2018 - Small Batch 6 - Mushroom
12/2018 - Small Batch 7 - Orange/Chocolate

My Rankings of Previous Small Batch Releases
1 - SB#2 - Blood Orange
2 - SB#4 - Raspberry / Licorice
3 - SB#7 - Orange / Chocolate
4 - SB#5 - Coffee
5 - SB#1 - Champagne
6 - SB#8 - Gin / Pepper
7 - SB#3 - Apple / Mint
8 - SB#6 - Svensk Skog

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